The Scrum methodology of agile software development marks a dramatic departure from waterfall management. In fact, Scrum and other agile processes were inspired by its shortcomings. The Scrum methodology emphasizes communication and collaboration, functioning software, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities — all attributes that suffer in the rigidly ordered waterfall paradigm.


OSCON 2013

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Now in its 15th year, OSCON has shown that open source software is the standard for everyday programming languages, databases, utilities, and operating systems. At OSCON 2013, we’ll celebrate the open source success story and the ongoing revolution.


OSCON will be in Portland, OR and run from July 22-26th.


The call for speakers is now open

Speaking at OSCON is a great way to share what you know with your peers, while getting projects, ideas, and your company in front of a savvy and connected audience. In 2013, there will be roughly 400 speakers at OSCON. Should you be one of them? If you have a new idea, a better way to do something, an interesting and instructive case study (battle scars optional), or the desire to pass on your hard-won knowledge, submit a proposal to lead conference sessions or tutorials. You don’t need to be a guru or experienced speaker, it’s enough to have something worthwhile to share and the desire to communicate it to others.


Hope to see you there! Will you attend? If so, let me know by leaving a comment below.


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