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The Next Big Idea

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A few weeks ago I came across a story by Steve Hartman of a man who rowed his boat from Alberta, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Dominique Liboiron went from Medicine Hat, Alberta to New Orleans, Louisiana by canoe.  This eight month journey totaled over 3,300 miles.  Unbelievable right?

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Why would a rational man do this? It was his way of honoring his best uncle Mitch who had recently passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 42.  You see, Mitch loved New Orleans.  After only a single visit to the City in 1992 Mitch reshaped his life around the New Orleans culture.  Dominique wanted to honor the memory of Mitch and realized after his passing that he needed to seize the moment and make his ‘someday’ visit to New Orleans today.  So, he got into a boat and rowed 3,300+ miles to see for himself what New Orleans was all about and deliver some of Mitch’s ashes to the city.
Today, after reading this think about what you are doing to inspire others around you? Would others follow you on twitter or would they row a boat for eight months to get to a place where they thought you were happiest in life to share the moment again with your spirit?  When trouble comes in business will your network walk away from you or will they put you on their back and help you get through troubled times?

For more on this unbelievable story – click on the video from CBS below.

Interestingly enough many social commentators (e.g. Dan Pink, Tony Robbins) now believe that making progress against a goal that is bigger than you brings happiness.
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