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Comfort Zone

Submitted by ewok_bbq on Tue, 01/15/2013 - 20:32

What can this picture tell us about getting outside of our comfort zone?


This picture is of Todd Carmichael.  According to the source of all that is true in this world [] Todd is the first American to cross the Antarctic to the South Pole unassisted, unaided and solo and is now the world recorded holder in terms of speed by an America. The picture above was taken of him shortly after he finished.  #LikeaBoss his official finishing time is now grained in ink across his bicep.  According to his own video journal the distance was 700 miles.  Why would he do this?  According to the documentary that filmed him he did this to emulate his adventure seeking hero's of yesteryear.

In reading about Todd, and watching his new TV program I  can only think that this man doesn't live inside his comfort zone.  Its clear that he's really pushing the envelope everyday and driving himself to be better.

So as you think about getting going in 2013, take time to think about something really really big.  What will you build? How can you transform yourself? How will you innovate a new solution to delight a customer? What will drive you to be the best you can be?

I love to follow folks like Todd.  Anytime I feel like slacking off or giving up, I just think - what would Todd do? :-)

Interested in learning more about Todd's trip to the South Pole?  Check out the video previews below from Nat Geo.

Upwards and Onwards.... Go! Fight! Win!



Thanks for the link. I have copy pasted some the valuable information that other might seek. "1. Unassisted – Assist refers to any outside help received by the trekker. A form of assist is re-supply or caches. 2. Unaided – Aided refers to external power aids used for speed and load advantage. Typical aids are wind power (kites), animal power (dogs/camels), or engine power (motorized vehicles). 3. Self Contained – A special category of Ultra Trekking whereby the trekker takes nothing from the environment including water. "

Those adventurous heroes from "yesteryear" exist today. I guess he is one of them, now that he has his own show. One of my favorites show's of adventure/survival is man vs. wild. I do commend Mr.Carmichael for his brave journey of 700 miles. Hope it was wortht he frost bite. you did mention he set the record for doing it "unaided," what exactly does that mean? Like no tents? no vehicles? confused.

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