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The CSM Exam Saga Continues…

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Since I last posted on the CSM exam, it seems the plot has thickened enough that another post is warranted. As I’ve explained previously, the Scrum Alliance recently decided to introduce an exam which all Certified ScrumMasters will be required to pass before receiving that distinction. It should be noted that only those individuals who have taken a two-day, Scrum Alliance-sanctioned CSM course from a Certified Scrum Trainer will be eligible to take the exam.

Well, after several delays and a recent rumor that the exam would be pushed back from its project Oct. 1 launch date, the exam is back and will, in fact, go into effect today. According to an email sent by the Scrum Alliance’s new president Tom Mellor on September 16th, “the initial release of the exam will not be sanctioned by any certification agency.” He continues on behalf of the Board: “The exam will continue to evolve and we earnestly desire that it be approved by a certifying authority in the near future.  Our goal has been and continues to be to bring even stronger credibility to the CSM throughout the world. A certified examination will benefit us in this endeavor.”

For those familiar with this organization, you may know that this exam has been a source of much controversy internally and, it appears, resulted in the resignation of both Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of Scrum who previously served as the Alliance’s president, and Jim Cundiff, who previously served as the organization’s managing director. The fact of their departures illustrates just how polarizing this exam has been.

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  1. Dele Oluwole, MBCS |

    Certification without examination is really not a certification. The examination gives some validity to the certificate, so it is a welcome development.

  2. Tobias Mayer |

    I am not sure it is accurate to say that the exam was the reason that Jim Cundiff left the Scrum Alliance and Ken stepped down as chairman. There were many other factors that contributed to this change of management. Much will likely remain unknown.

    I am personally opposed to this exam. I was indifferent for a while, but I believe it will water down the work we do as trainers. An exam forces Scrum to become a defined process (it must be defined in order to be tested against). This will be its downfall.

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